Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all Mothers that read this a Happy Mothers Day. I am serving as father and mother right now for a very nice 16 yr old and happy to be able to fill this role. To this end some of my thoughts on this day.

First, thanks to my Mom for all of her support over the years. Her love is unconditional and she supports me and my brother and sisters regardless of what happens in our life. There have been difficulties that she has endured but she has been there for us through it all without judgement or criticism. She has been able to voice her opinion, and has the right to say she doesn’t like some of what she has seen, however she has not waivered in her support. While riding today I thought about this and another mother who is currently ignoring her son just because he made a remark that she didn’t like months ago.

Mothers love is important to us all, and the withholding of that love by a superficial mother is painful. This is not how my mother is, and not how mothers around the globe treat their children. They love them whether they are university grads or barely grads. They support them when they mess up, and hope that they can make everything better. Mothers have to endure the pain of seeing their child struggle and treat them the same as the one who has just accomplished something special. They cry in the backround when they know that destructive behavior is hurting their child but put on a good face when they make them a nice meal and hope that it will provide hope for them. Sometimes that support is hard to understand but they don’t care, they do it anyway. That is why we celebrate them today.

There are those who will expect the kids to kiss the ring today, make a big deal about the day, and will feel slighted if they dont get a gift or flowers. Those mothers may have every right to hope for that type of treatment but in all liklihood that “its all about me” type of attitude will have been present all year and todays celebration will be a furtherance of that attitude. Those mothers will only get that type of respect if they give unconditional love but they may be incapable of that.

We, as the children, cannot take our mothers for granted. We must respect them, and not take advantage of the kindness they send our way. We should learn compassion from them and hope we can pass that on to our children. We have to understand their pain if we make poor choices and vow to do better if only to make them proud of us. We must return the love they give us by our actions, and remember that they will always be there, but we cannot take advantage of that.

I have had success in my life and have not had too many “o my god” moments. Moms of the kids who are successful can look back and see how their good qualities and how those have been nurtured by their Mom. She is proud of seeing those accomplishments but I would guess that it is more important to her if you are a good person. Be that good person.

Happy Mothers day to all.

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