Riding alone..time to reflect

I got a long ride in today and was by myself, with my music, and a lot of time to reflect on things that popped into my head. Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven came in through Pandora and made me think of my daughter Kacey, who left the world almost four years ago. Its so sad to think about, but when riding alone its something that happens. She was such a kind and caring soul, and would have made a wonderful adult. As time passes it is less of an issue for those left behind but it is still something that comes up when I ride alone because I remember so vividly my thoughts on that day, when I went for a ride to have some time away from the relatives to wonder why….and cry.

Riding, or running, alone really allows for a lot of random thoughts about all sorts of things. Loves lost…loves that never happened…even loves that might happen in the future. Today was one of those days.

One comment on “Riding alone..time to reflect

  1. I totally relate. Sometimes I go walking alone, and I miss my grandfather terribly. He used to call me his “chickadee”. He grew petunias. It isn’t a showy flower at all, but it has a unique fragrance that I recognize immediately when it hits my olfactory gland. Every time I smell petunias, I think of him. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I feel nostalgic, and sometimes I feel deep grief because I just don’t want to wait to see him again. In any case, I’m always grateful for the petunia…just like you’re grateful for your solitary rides–no matter where they might take you.

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