Wind, hate it or tolerate it

I just got back from a ride with the Irishman and a gal training for an iron man triathlon. We rode through the rollers south of Denver and I struggled to fight the wind. For all of us in this part of the country it is inevitable that you will have wind this time of the year. If you live in Wyoming its all year, all the time. I try to embrace the challenge and keep a positive outlook because in golf I have always said that half the field has lost before they tee off if it is windy. They complain, they piss and moan, and then they play poorly. If you are not one of these people you now can work on beating the other half for the day.
I think the same is true of cycling. I am not a racer but in my mind I hope to do well against others I ride with, and against. When it is windy it really gets into your head. Today we had a headwind and were going uphill for most of the first half of the ride. The Irishman and I couldn’t keep up with the gal and her aero bars, though we tried.
Coming back, slightly downhill and predominately down wind, it was different story….

As I try to get back into better shape I need to avoid thinking negative thoughts about the weather or the fact that I can’t keep up with some of the other riders on the bike path or training ride, and just ride within my level. I like the challenge of riding with better riders, so I will just keep plugging away..I may have felt like the greyhound chasing the rabbit today, but sometimes the greyhound, even an overweight one, catches the hare. :)

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