New driver on the road!

Oh Shit!

Everyone with kids knows that the right of passage that occurs when your child gets their drivers license is both wonderful and scary. I’m very happy for my son, and enjoyed taking him to the drivers license bureau to see him go through the line to get his picture taken. He has gone through the classes, has driven with me, and he’s ready to go…..however…. its hard to turn over the keys without hoping that he will be OK.

So go forth young man…and be safe.

4 comments on “New driver on the road!

  1. My oldest is 15. We are fast approaching that moment. I feel weird about it. Nervous really. It’s all part of the parenthood gig though. We raise them to leave and go forth…I just don’t trust those other drivers. It’s good practice though. Welcome to the rest of my life not trusting “those other drivers”, right? Boyfriends, friends, coworkers, roommates…Eeek!

  2. Turning over the keys is the best way to ensure that, in the long run, he will be safe. I work with a lovely 19 y/o young woman. I asked one day about her mother driving her to the office, she told me her parents are afraid of what could happen to her if they allow her to drive. So I asked if she knew how to use the city’s mass transit…no, her parents are afraid of her using it. Does she know how to hail a taxi? No, again her parents are afraid of taxis. Not to be judgmental but to me this seems the opposite of ‘safe’, and seems, in fact, rather dangerous.

    • Oh yes, I agree, too. Just because it’s hard to watch that “little bird” test out the wings doesn’t mean you don’t give ‘em a little shove. Yeah, those parents aren’t doing her any favors.

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