Broncos and Overtime!

The Denver Broncos  did the improbable by over coming a blown call by the referees that cost a minimum of three points to defeat the terrible towels and move on in the playoffs. Tebow was everything an honest evaluator(meaning not a religious nut or Gator fan) would expect, energetic, enthusiastic, mobile, and occasionally brilliant. He was also inaccurate with many passes, indecisive and unable to find the hot receiver.  The final drive in regulation he had an open receiver for a first down and couldn’t get the ball to him and overthrew him. 

A great Denver effort with a lot of credit to the Denver offensive line with Chris Kuper missing however Tebow will continue to drive us nuts unless he can get to the point of making the throws that all NFL caliber QB’s can make.

 Congrats to Demarius Thomas, incredible run and great game, and  to Tebow for hitting him in stride for a phenomenal play. On to New England!

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