My five most memorable rides

I was trying to think of something that would invite comment and this was it, my five most memorable rides to date. No rules. Some hard, some scenic, some just because, and in no particular order.

1. The Triple Bypass. Evergreen to Avon, one day `120 miles. Three passes to climb but also a tough middle section from Georgetown to Loveland Ski Area. For the non competitive rider in Colorado this is the one that separates the pack. No casual riders here. The best part was the end, top of Vail pass to Avon in a 6-10 person paceline through Vail at 26-28mph with the finish line on the horizon.

2. The MS 150 in NYC. Riding on the FDR at 730 in the morning with all traffic held for the riders. The tunnel, the Geo Washington Bridge, going through Times Sq at 630 am, It was a very different ride for me, not hard at all but a fun experience.

3. The Fat Tire Classic in Winter Park Colorado with my four kids when they were young. Their bikes weighed twice as much as mine but they pedaled on, up and down the dirt roads and off to the finish.

4.  A solo ride from Denver to Copper Mountain while training for the Triple Bypass. Hard and all alone to think. A great part of the ride was the trail around Lake Dillion in Summit County, then up through the trees to Copper.

5. My house to downtown and back, June 1, 2008.  Sad and sobbing the entire way but my only means of dealing with the loss of a 16 yr old child that morning.


NYC MS 150

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